Full-Stack Web and VR Developer

About Me

Hello. My name is Phil. I moved around when growing up, living on the east and west coasts of the US, as well as in New Delhi, India. I studied physics in college and worked in the aerospace industry for few years.

I love building things that help people, spending time in nature and listening to funky electronic music.


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Web Development

JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, Ruby on Rails

VR Development

C#, Unity, Photon Networking

Version Control & Collaboration

Git, Github


Physics Playground

A virtual learning environment that can be used with mouse and keyboard through WebGL, or downloaded for VR headsets (mobile or PC)

Built using Unity3D, C# and Photon Networking
  • Developed on my own. Architected the multiuser learning environment, designed the UI, and wrote the C# code in Unity
  • I use this app to teach online physics classes to homeschool students via Outschool.com
  • App uses a sandbox architecture for the physics simulations, so users can build and run simulations together in the classroom
Spider Graph screenshot

Spider Graph Maker

Web app for building spider/radar graphs to visualize data

Built using React and Node.js
  • Practiced collaborating on team, using Git+Github for version control
  • Worked as one of the React engineers
  • Coordinated between the developers and designer to complete project
School in the Cloud screenshot

School in the Cloud

Static website to market for a volunteer education program

Built using HTML and LESS CSS
  • Designed UX of the webite from scratch
  • Wrote scemantic HTML and used LESS preprocessor to style the site
  • Communicated color and font scheme to the team making the React app to maintain continuity

Curie VR

A virtual learning environment, only available to download for PC VR (prior iteration of Physics Playground)

Built using Unity3D, C# and Photon Networking
  • Developed on my own
  • App contains interactive simulations to visualize and experiment with physics concepts, as well as learning tools such as a networked blackboard, slide deck, calculator, stopwatch, and tape measure
  • Built using Photon Unity Networking library to program the mutliuser functionality

Physics Verse

A simple virtual learning environment (oldest iteration of the Physics Playground)

Built using Unity3D, C# and UNET
  • Developed on my own
  • Early experiment in creating a 3D networked environment to learn physics in
  • Explored gamifying the education, but eventually decided that shallow gamification with xp and rewards was not a good direction
  • First app built in Unity3D, used the SteamVR Interaction Template, and used the High-Level Unity networking system (UNET)