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Physics Sandbox

This is a work-in-progress. I'm building it off the framework of CurieVR, but instead of only having pre-made simulations like CurieVR, it will provide the tools for users to make their own educational physics simulation and lessons, and share them with others. It is multi-user and cross-platform, working on mobile and PC 6DoF VR systems.


CurieVR is a multi-user virtual physics classroom, for use in online education. It is available on Steam for PC VR in a closed beta. If you'd like a key, please email: phil at curievr.com. It contains interactive simulations to visualize and experiment with physics concepts, as well as learning tools such as a networked blackboard, slide deck, calculator, stopwatch, and tape measure.

Users can share their own slides in the app via an embedded chromium browser. The app communicates with a simple Flask server written in Python and hosted on Google App Engine. The server accesses the Google Slides API to query data from the slide deck in order to create buttons that can be clicked in the app to jump to different slides and read widgets on the current slide to pose questions or load a simulation.


PhysicsVerse was an early experiment in creating a 3D networked environment to learn physics in, and it’s main purpose was just for me to learn C# and VR development. I explored gamifying various aspects of the education. It was built in Unity3D, used the SteamVR Interaction Template heavily, and used the High-Level Unity networking system (UNET)